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Consumption Based Billing

At the February 26, 2020 meeting of the Commissioners of the District a presentation was made regarding the concept of changing the billing process for District customers from a “Flat Rate” system (the current method) to a CONSUMPTION BASED SYSTEM. … Read More

Rollinsford Water & Sewer District

Welcome! The Rollinsford Water & Sewer District is here to provide the town of Rollinsford with the best quality water possible while striving to keep our watershed and the Salmon Falls River healthy. Unlike the Town, the Water & Sewer … Read More

Rollinsford Water & Sewer District (RWSD)

If you have questions or concerns, please call the District office at 742-8124 or email the Commissioners at For timely announcements of upcoming events in the District, please check this site and follow us on Facebook here. 

Work Request Form

  Dear Customers, Having received multiple water complaints, Superintendent Ray McNeil is planning on going out today with Operator Suprey and flushing the hydrants down the affected streets of Willey, Locust, and Prospect. While this will help with the current … Read More

Priority List

Dear Customers, The following link is for the Priority List our Superintendent presented at the meeting last night. This list shows all of the projects we have going on down at the District as well as the urgency behind each … Read More

Flow Testing

Dear Customers, Today, Wright-Pierce is out performing flow tests on 5 hydrants in Town, They are collecting data to finalize the Asset Management Study. There is a chance that you may experience discolored water. If so, please run COLD water … Read More

Recent Lead & Copper Results

From our Superintendent, Ray McNeil; “Based on our most recent Lead & Copper results, The Rollinsford Water and Sewer District is pleased to announce that we are currently in compliance with the Department of Environmental Services. This success comes from … Read More

Lead & Copper Testing

Dear Customers, We apologize for  any confusion regarding our latest Lead & Copper testing sample bottles that were delivered on November 15th, 2018. Unfortunately, the incorrect letter was printed and delivered alongside the sample bottles. We apologize for any confusion … Read More

Flushing Hydrants

We are currently flushing hydrants in and around the Willey Street area. A town wide flushing schedule will be coming out soon. We will be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages, the website, and with postings at both Town Hall and … Read More

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