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Flushing Next Week (8/15 – 8/19)

ATTENTION RWSD CUSTOMERS: We will be flushing hydrants during overnight hours next week (8/15 through 8/19). WHY FLUSHING IS IMPORTANT Flushing is required as a form of routine maintenance of the water distribution system in order to flush out sediment … Read More

2022 Consumer Confidence Report

Each year, EPA requires community water systems to deliver a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), also known as an annual drinking water quality report, to their customers. The 2022 CCR for the Rollinsford Water and Sewer District (based on 2021 sampling … Read More

Flagging Curb Stops

Attention District members: Our RWSD operators will be out in the field beginning today, flagging the curb stops throughout the District. We are continuing our effort to gather data on the exact location of these assets. We are also very … Read More

Level of Service Survey

District Members — We want to hear from you! The RWSD is dedicated to providing reliable, safe, clean drinking water to our District members. While we work to meet those needs, our customers’ satisfaction is extremely important to us. … Read More

Thank you!

Thank you to all the District members who participated in tonight’s 2022 Annual Meeting. We truly appreciate your support, your questions, your interest and your vote. Congratulations also to our newly elected officials: Doug Lyman (Commissioner), Casey Mitchell (Treasurer), S … Read More

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