12/11/20 Update

Over the past few days, the Rollinsford Water and Sewer District (RWSD) became aware of low water levels at General Sullivan well. This week, Maher Services, Inc. conducted a flow test at the well and not only identified the low water levels but also discovered that an incorrect piece of equipment had been put in with the well back in 2016. The correct equipment has now been installed to enable accurate water level readings which is particularly important during this time of extreme drought conditions. To allow water levels at the General Sullivan well to recover, Porter Well will need to be started up next week to help meet the District’s water use demands. Unfortunately, however, the low water levels from General Sullivan well introduced air into the water system so customers may have noticed cloudy water coming from their tap over the past few days. The cloudiness relates to air in the system and will naturally dissipate and will be worked out of the system with water use throughout the District. Anyone with additional questions or concerns should contact the RWSD District office by phone at 603-742-8124, via email at admin@rollisnfordwatersewer.org or commissioner@rollinsfordwatersewer.org or send a Facebook message to Rollinsford Water and Sewer District.