Non-Flushable Items

We understand with people hoarding toilet paper, buying it has become a challenge. Flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet often results in sewer line clogs and stoppages for sewer pumps. The District is repeatedly having to unclog the sewer pump on Foundry Street which can damage the pumps and […]

Consumption Based Billing

At the February 26, 2020 meeting of the Commissioners of the District a presentation was made regarding the concept of changing the billing process for District customers from a “Flat Rate” system (the current method) to a CONSUMPTION BASED SYSTEM. Slides from the presentation with data explaining the problem and the potential solution are at […]

Website for Rollinsford Water & Sewer District

The site will be able to make timely announcements of upcoming events in the District. Your comments, questions and suggestions are encouraged. Phone: (603) 742-8124 Fax: (603) 749-4399 Email: Clerk: Superintendent Raymond McNeil: Hours of Operation: Plant: Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:00pm Administrator/Billing: Monday and Tuesday 8 am to 2 pm, Wednesday 8 am to 1 […]

Work Request Form

  Dear Customers, Having received multiple water complaints, Superintendent Ray McNeil is planning on going out today with Operator Suprey and flushing the hydrants down the affected streets of Willey, Locust, and Prospect. While this will help with the current discolored issues, it might also cause some discoloration in other places. If this happens, run […]