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Upcoming Meetings

Please see below for dates and times of important upcoming meetings: February 15th: Meeting of Commissioners at the District Office at 6:30 pm March 1st: Public Hearing regarding long-term borrowing warrant article followed by a meeting of the Commissioners at … Read More

2022 RWSD Annual Meeting

The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Rollinsford Water and Sewer District will be held on March 22 at 6:30 pm at the Rollinsford Grade School. All District members are encouraged to attend. Details on the proposed 2022 operating budget and … Read More

3/1 Public Hearing and Meeting of Commissioners

Legal Notice Bond Public Hearing: The Commissioners of the Rollinsford Water & Sewer District (RWSD) will hold a public hearing pursuant to RSA 33:8-a to discuss the issuance of a bond or note in the proposed amount of $1,008,000 for … Read More

Income Survey

Calling all District Members! For those of you that did not complete the income survey, PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO DO SO! We’ve included a copy alongside your most recent water/sewer bill. It truly takes only a few minutes … Read More

1/19/22 and 2/1/22 Meeting of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners will hold their next regularly scheduled meetings on January 19th and February 1st at the District office at 6:30 pm. At the meetings, there will be a Zoom link and call-in number (1-646-558-8656) available, as well, … Read More

Budget Committee Public Hearing, 1/15/22

The Budget Committee is holding a public hearing at the Rollinsford Grade School at 9 am on January 15th to discuss the 2022 proposed RWSD budget. Relevant files can be viewed here:

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