Please complete your income survey!

This is a reminder to our District members to complete their recently received income survey. It should only take a few minutes to complete! As explained in the mailer, the RWSD has partnered with RCAP Solutions in conducting a household survey to help determine a more accurate representation of the financial circumstances of the residents of the water/sewer district. The updated survey results will be used toward applications for state and federal funding assistance for future infrastructure projects. Note that individual income information is kept confidential and protected by RCAP, and never seen by anyone in the RWSD. If you need more details on the survey, please check out these resources:
1. Review the files at this link >>
2. Listen to the discussion from the September 21 RWSD Board of Commissioners’ meeting here (discussion on this topic starts around minute 26:18)
3. Contact the District office (603-742-8124) or email the Commissioners ( with any questions or concerns. We’d be happy to provide further details!