Income Survey

District members should be on the lookout for an important mailer from the RWSD in the coming days. The RWSD has partnered with RCAP Solutions in conducting a household survey to help determine the best approach for funding upcoming water and wastewater upgrades and to ensure that we adequately represent the financial circumstances of all District members. (Rural Community Assistance Partnership or “RCAP” is a federally funded organization that assists small, rural communities seeking to specifically build, maintain or expand their water and wastewater infrastructure.) A more accurate determination of household income of the residents of the water/sewer district is needed to support applications for state and federal funding assistance for future infrastructure projects. Funding assistance will help keep the costs to the customers as low as possible. Note that individual income information is kept confidential and protected by RCAP, and never seen by anyone in the RWSD. For more details, review the files at this link or contact the RWSD with any questions or concerns. As always, District members are also invited to attend the bimonthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners, including this coming Tuesday (9/21) at 6:30 pm at the District office.