Porter Wells have been offline since November of 2019, but actions are now being taken to start the wells up again to supplement the water supply for the District.

The wells have been flushed outside the system to clear as much of the sediment that accumulated in the wells during their dormant period.

The next phase is to begin pumping water from the wells into the system for water quality testing. Because this may result in a temporary discoloration of water (as water flows change direction with the supply from Porter Wells), customers may experience temporary minor discoloration. Users who experience this should flush their household lines by opening an outside spigot for a few minutes. This should clear the discoloration.

The RAVE system which will soon be implemented using email “blasts” and automated phone calls will provided users with information about hydrant flushing, possible service disruptions and other important information. Individuals wishing to be added to the RAVE alert system should provided the district with email or phone information. Send the information to clerk@rollinsfordwatersewer.org.