Work Request Form


Dear Customers,

Having received multiple water complaints, Superintendent Ray McNeil is planning on going out today with Operator Suprey and flushing the hydrants down the affected streets of Willey, Locust, and Prospect. While this will help with the current discolored issues, it might also cause some discoloration in other places. If this happens, run your outdoor spicket until clear or run the COLD water in a designated sink until the water is clear. (Running hot water brings discolored water into your hot water heater and can cause more problems later.)

Superintendent McNeil has also created a Work Request form for everybody. When an issue of any kind pops up, you can follow the link, fill out the form, and both McNeil and the Clerk, Kate Preston, will receive a notification regarding said form.

As always, we are sorry for the issues currently going on. We are working to fix things the best we can.