Flushing Hydrants

We are currently flushing hydrants in and around the Willey Street area. A town wide flushing schedule will be coming out soon. We will be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages, the website, and with postings at both Town Hall and at the Post Office. We are also using the Police Department’s phone notification system.

What this means: our Operators will be coming around and opening the hydrants on certain streets. Letting the water run like this allows us to clear out dead ended lines, improves water pressure in houses, and generally pulls cleaner water into the distribution system.

When we do this, there are going to be houses that experience discoloration of their water.

If/when this happens:

1) We advise to never drink discolored water.

2) We do advise opening a cold-water faucet and letting the water run until it is clear. (Clear meaning you can fill a white colored mug or glass and you do not see the discoloration from before.)

3) The best place to run the water is from an outside spigot, but if
the discolored water is found in the kitchen sink, for example, then
go ahead and run it from there.

There is no real timeline for how long you should let your water run for. The problem could be resolved in 20 seconds or 5 minutes. Please note though, if it is taking up to an hour for your water to clear up, please give us a call.