Non-Flushable Items

We understand with people hoarding toilet paper, buying it has become a challenge. Flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet often results in sewer line clogs and stoppages for sewer pumps. The District is repeatedly having to unclog the sewer pump on Foundry Street which can damage the pumps and cause sewage overflow.

“Flushable wipes” are NOT flushable. If you must use them, throw them away in the trash.Do NOT flush them down the toilet. Other “sanitary wipes” are clogging the pumping lines and pumps.

Please review the following brochure distributed by NH Department of Environmental Services:

Consumption Based Billing

At the February 26, 2020 meeting of the Commissioners of the District a presentation was made regarding the concept of changing the billing process for District customers from a “Flat Rate” system (the current method) to a CONSUMPTION BASED SYSTEM.

Slides from the presentation with data explaining the problem and the potential solution are at this link :

Please do NOT leave comments, questions or requests for information via the “leave comment” link on the web page. Please use:

Work Request Form


Dear Customers,

Having received multiple water complaints, Superintendent Ray McNeil is planning on going out today with Operator Suprey and flushing the hydrants down the affected streets of Willey, Locust, and Prospect. While this will help with the current discolored issues, it might also cause some discoloration in other places. If this happens, run your outdoor spicket until clear or run the COLD water in a designated sink until the water is clear. (Running hot water brings discolored water into your hot water heater and can cause more problems later.)

Superintendent McNeil has also created a Work Request form for everybody. When an issue of any kind pops up, you can follow the link, fill out the form, and both McNeil and the Clerk, Kate Preston, will receive a notification regarding said form.

As always, we are sorry for the issues currently going on. We are working to fix things the best we can.


Flow Testing

Dear Customers,

Today, Wright-Pierce is out performing flow tests on 5 hydrants in Town, They are collecting data to finalize the Asset Management Study.

There is a chance that you may experience discolored water. If so, please run COLD water until the discoloration disappears. Good rule of thumb is to collect the water in a white mug or cup to better see the discoloration.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call the Office at 603.742.8124.

Recent Lead & Copper Results

From our Superintendent, Ray McNeil;

“Based on our most recent Lead & Copper results, The Rollinsford Water and Sewer District is pleased to announce that we are currently in compliance with the Department of Environmental Services. This success comes from the collaboration of multiple organizations, the industrious efforts from our operators, and the continued support of our Commissioners. We were able to make accurate adjustments and corrections to our treatment process with technical support and information attained from the Corrosion Control Study performed by Wright-Pierce. The adjustments have helped stabilize the water quality entering into our distribution system allowing less chance for corrosion to accrue. DES engineer Cynthia Klevens provided information and technical support regarding this topic that was essential in the District’s accomplishment. Additionally, Cynthia was the bridge that connected RWSD with UNH’s Environmental Engineering Department. The technical support, additional labor, and resources that we received from Dr. Malley and the “Malley Cats” couldn’t have come at a better time. This success would have taken much longer to achieve without the additional help from these young up and coming Engineers. Thank you to Jullisa, Elizabeth, Stephanie, Andrea, and Alex for all you hard work and the positive impact that you have made in our community this summer!”