Recent Lead & Copper Results

From our Superintendent, Ray McNeil;

“Based on our most recent Lead & Copper results, The Rollinsford Water and Sewer District is pleased to announce that we are currently in compliance with the Department of Environmental Services. This success comes from the collaboration of multiple organizations, the industrious efforts from our operators, and the continued support of our Commissioners. We were able to make accurate adjustments and corrections to our treatment process with technical support and information attained from the Corrosion Control Study performed by Wright-Pierce. The adjustments have helped stabilize the water quality entering into our distribution system allowing less chance for corrosion to accrue. DES engineer Cynthia Klevens provided information and technical support regarding this topic that was essential in the District’s accomplishment. Additionally, Cynthia was the bridge that connected RWSD with UNH’s Environmental Engineering Department. The technical support, additional labor, and resources that we received from Dr. Malley and the “Malley Cats” couldn’t have come at a better time. This success would have taken much longer to achieve without the additional help from these young up and coming Engineers. Thank you to Jullisa, Elizabeth, Stephanie, Andrea, and Alex for all you hard work and the positive impact that you have made in our community this summer!”

Lead & Copper Testing

Dear Customers,

We apologize for  any confusion regarding our latest Lead & Copper testing sample bottles that were delivered on November 15th, 2018. Unfortunately, the incorrect letter was printed and delivered alongside the sample bottles. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. To avoid further confusion, we have attached the proper copy of the Lead & Copper Instruction Letter.

If there are ever any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at 603.742.8124, email us at, or send us a message on Facebook.

Again, we apologize for any inconveniences or confusion the first letter might have caused.


Official Letter to Residence


To Our Customers,

As many of you already know, we have been faced with an uphill battle regarding our aging infrastructure. Willey, Prospect, Locust, Pine, and Spruce Streets have been experiencing poor water quality due to the large quantity of unlined cast-iron pipes throughout that area. Last year, it was brought to my attention by our Willey St. customers that they had been dealing with ongoing water color and odor issues. Reacting to this complaint, the District hired Wright Pierce (Engineering Firm) to perform a Corrosion Control Study on our Water Distribution System. In response to that study, operational changes have been made to help balance the water chemistry. Unfortunately, these changes can take a long time to show results and often additional additives are needed to further help balance the chemistry. The District has decided to add a sequestering agent to help with the immediate issues. This is a temporary solution; the ultimate solution will be to replace the lengths of pipe triggering the problem.
The District has recently been awarded an Asset Management Grant from the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) that should be wrapping up by late fall. Wright Pierce has been hired to conduct the Asset Management study and will be able to help identify the needs of our system. This will allow us to accurately forecast a true budget to perform the needed repairs and replacements for our system. After consulting with Wright Pierce, NHDES, and Harcros (Chemical Supplier) regarding this issue, the District has made the decision to implement the addition of HC-2050. HC-2050 is a Poly/Orthophosphate blend that will help sequester color in our distribution system, and will also help with our ongoing corrosion control challenges.

The addition of HC-2050 will require that all hydrants throughout the entire District be flushed. This may cause some discoloration of the water. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY. If you notice discoloration in your water, simply run the COLD WATER until it is clear. (‘Clear’ is when you can fill a white cup or glass with water and it looks clear to the eye.) The Water District never recommends drinking discolored water for any reason.

We plan to start this process on Wednesday, August 15. Throughout the next week, we will be flushing the hydrants and sampling the water to ensure that the proper water chemistry has been achieved. Note that in certain parts of the District you may not see immediate results. If there are any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to call the Office at 603.742.8124

Raymond McNeil – Superintendent

Flushing Hydrants

We are currently flushing hydrants in and around the Willey Street area. A town wide flushing schedule will be coming out soon. We will be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages, the website, and with postings at both Town Hall and at the Post Office. We are also using the Police Department’s phone notification system.

What this means: our Operators will be coming around and opening the hydrants on certain streets. Letting the water run like this allows us to clear out dead ended lines, improves water pressure in houses, and generally pulls cleaner water into the distribution system.

When we do this, there are going to be houses that experience discoloration of their water.

If/when this happens:

1) We advise to never drink discolored water.

2) We do advise opening a cold-water faucet and letting the water run until it is clear. (Clear meaning you can fill a white colored mug or glass and you do not see the discoloration from before.)

3) The best place to run the water is from an outside spigot, but if
the discolored water is found in the kitchen sink, for example, then
go ahead and run it from there.

There is no real timeline for how long you should let your water run for. The problem could be resolved in 20 seconds or 5 minutes. Please note though, if it is taking up to an hour for your water to clear up, please give us a call.

New Website!

We are in the process of designing our new website to better server the citizens of Rollinsford, and to provide a centralized location for you to receive updates from the clerks at Rollinsford Water & Sewer.

Please stay tuned for more exciting changes!