Work Request Form


Dear Customers,

Having received multiple water complaints, Superintendent Ray McNeil is planning on going out today with Operator Suprey and flushing the hydrants down the affected streets of Willey, Locust, and Prospect. While this will help with the current discolored issues, it might also cause some discoloration in other places. If this happens, run your outdoor spicket until clear or run the COLD water in a designated sink until the water is clear. (Running hot water brings discolored water into your hot water heater and can cause more problems later.)

Superintendent McNeil has also created a Work Request form for everybody. When an issue of any kind pops up, you can follow the link, fill out the form, and both McNeil and the Clerk, Kate Preston, will receive a notification regarding said form.

As always, we are sorry for the issues currently going on. We are working to fix things the best we can.


Meeting Tonight

Dear Customers,

We will be having our first June meeting tonight, June 12th, at the American Legion. The meeting starts at 6:30pm.

It is a public meeting, so everybody is welcome.

2nd May Meeting

Dear Customers,

Thank you to all the members of our District that came to the meeting last night.

Our next meeting for the month of May is set for the 29th, at 6:30pm at the American Legion.

As these meetings are public, everyone is welcome to attend.

May Meeting

Dear Customers,

Our 1st May Meeting will be held at the American Legion in the meeting rooms upstairs.

The meeting will be held TOMORROW, May 8th, at 6:30pm.

It is still open to the public, so we look forward to seeing you there.

Water District Meeting

Dear Customers,

Our next Water & Sewer District Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 8th at 6:30pm.

We are not certain about the location but we will inform our customers as soon as we know. Please refer back to this page or our Facebook page for updates.

Priority List

Dear Customers,

The following link is for the Priority List our Superintendent presented at the meeting last night. This list shows all of the projects we have going on down at the District as well as the urgency behind each one.

Please note, this list is on the draft stages still.

Priority List

Flow Testing

Dear Customers,

Today, Wright-Pierce is out performing flow tests on 5 hydrants in Town, They are collecting data to finalize the Asset Management Study.

There is a chance that you may experience discolored water. If so, please run COLD water until the discoloration disappears. Good rule of thumb is to collect the water in a white mug or cup to better see the discoloration.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call the Office at 603.742.8124.

Declaration of Candidacy

Starting today, January 23, you can fill out a Declaration of Candidacy for the Water & Sewer District.
The positions available include:

– One Commissioner for a 3 year term.
– One Commissioner for a 1 year term.
– One Treasurer for a 1 year term.
– one Clerk for a 1 year term.

Applications can be found at the Water District Office until February 1st, 2019.

The Office is open: Monday – Friday 7am – 3pm
The Clerk is in: Tuesday – Friday 8am – 1pm